Dear participants: Note that museum “Speelklok” and the Dutch Railway Museum are included in the conference fee.


ISADS2019 has a great social program. Four breathtaking locations may be visited, from the famous Keukenhof that will be flowering in April, to the incredibly nice museum of music boxes. All four places of interest are unique in Europe and beyond. You will find a brief description below, but do not hesitate to visit the websites by clicking on the green icons. Your visit will be unforgettable from the social perspective too…


Miffy was born in Utrecht where she was created by the artist Dick Bruna as a small rabbit drawn with heavy graphic lines, simple shapes and primary colours. You can even visit the Miffy traffic lights.


Museum Speelklok is one of the typical Dutch sights which is a definite must-see! Museum Speelklok will take you through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, surprising its visitors every day with the cheerful tunes from all corners of the museum.

The history of these instruments started back in 16th century in the Netherlands with the use of church carillons. Over the centuries, the general desire of people to be surrounded by music, led to the invention of all sorts of self-playing musical instruments: musical clocks, musical boxes, orchestrions (self-playing orchestras) and the traditional Dutch street organs. All of these instruments can be admired and heard during the lively museum tour. Thanks to the highly skilled Restoration Room, the collection is kept playing and this craft can be passed on from this generation to the next.


The Railway Museum’ (Dutch: Het ‘Spoorwegmuseum) in Utrecht is the Dutch national railway museum. The museum was established in 1927 and was initially located in one of the main buildings of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch National Railway) in Utrecht. In 1954 the museum was reopened in the Maliebaan station, a chain station that was closed earlier in 1939. In this location there is a lot of room to exhibit the entire collection to the public, including historical rail equipment. A long line of historic steam locomotives on track one of the station is one of the most distinctive aspects of the exhibit. Over the years, more rail equipment and also tram equipment was added to the museum.


The Rijksmuseum is one of Amsterdam’s grandest and most popular museums. Its vast collection showcases iconic art and a wide variety of artefacts that reflect more than 800 years of Dutch and global history, including jaw dropping paintings by the likes of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and countless more Dutch greats (visiting the Rijksmuseum is not included in the conference fee, but the conference organisation can support your plans from an organisational perspective).


Keukenhof, the best day out among the flowers! Over 7 million bulbs will bloom every spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A unique, unforgettable experience!

Besides the spacious 32 hectares of flowers you can enjoy the spectacular flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens, unique art and wonderful events. Do not miss the Tulip mania exhibition at the Juliana Pavilion (visiting the Keukenhof is not included in the conference fee, but the conference organisation can support your plans from an organisational perspective).